Welcome to the mRNA-Based Therapeutics Summit

The dramatic success of mRNA-based vaccines for emergency use against COVID-19 marked a triumph for a previously unproven mRNA technology. This win has certainly put mRNA platforms on the radar of investors and biopharmaceutical industry and the future looks bright for mRNA 2.0 vaccine production and therapeutic development.

The inaugural mRNA- Based Therapeutics Summit gathers the world’s leaders developing mRNA therapeutics to discuss learnings, challenges and future directions at the only Summit dedicated to accelerating successful translation of mRNA protein replacement therapies, mRNA gene editing and mRNA delivery therapeutics into transformative class of medicines.

Built with biopharmaceutical industry insights, join 100 experts from the likes of Moderna, BioNTech, Translate Bio and many more as we discuss the challenges associated with developing stable, deliverable and potent mRNA therapeutics for oncology, infectious diseases and beyond.

With a number of mRNA based clinical candidates emerging and excitement building in the field with unparallel level of investments and collaborations, join us to advance your understanding, differentiate your pipelines and tap into the uncapped therapeutic potentials of this emerging field.