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2020 marked a landmark year for mRNA-Based Therapies, and the dramatic success of mRNA-based vaccines for emergency use against COVID-19 was a triumph for a previously unproven mRNA technology. Now, the landscape of successful treatments seems limitless, and the future looks bright for mRNA therapies. With this, we are excited to announce the official release of the inaugural mRNA Based Therapeutics Summit!   


Uniting the world leaders developing mRNA therapeutics, we will will discuss learnings, challenges and future directions at the only summit dedicated to translation and manufacturing of your novel mRNA modality. From mRNA vaccine development for infectious disease and oncology, effective mRNA gene therapies and novel delivery strategies, we bring to you an all-inclusive platform dedicated to accelerating successful translation of mRNA into a transformative class of medicines. 


With 30+ pioneering large pharma, biotech and academic experts who are re-defining mRNA therapeutics and leading the way for the world’s scientists utilizing this important therapeutic modality: 

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Dive into Optimized Manufacturing & Translation of mRNA Therapies
As 2020 marked a significant milestone for mRNA therapies, it is critical to now optimize manufacturing and bioprocessing of mRNA therapies, diving into successes, and challenges to bring mRNA therapies to the patient with insights from Strand Therapeutics & Providence Therapeutics  

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Navigating the Landscape of Successful mRNA-Based Vaccines to Treat Infectious Disease
With anti-COVID-19 vaccines paving the way for successful mRNA-based therapies to treat infectious disease, discuss the key milestones and major hurdles of anti-infective vaccines with insights from Moderna & GSK 

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Exploring Translation & Optimal Development of mRNA Treatments for Oncology
From personalized cancer vaccines through to site-specific delivery, explore the landscape of successful mRNA-based oncology candidates and discuss optimal translation to the patient with insights from Cornell University & Merck  

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Novel Techniques & Next Generation Strategies for Enhanced mRNA Delivery
With mRNA therapies across different modalities continuing to strive for therapeutic success, optimum delivery remains a key hurdle. We will hear the latest and greatest novel technologies being harnessed for therapeutic delivery of mRNA with expert insights from Arcturus Therapeutics & Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT 

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Exploring Novel Strategies for mRNA-Based Gene Therapies for Cancer Immunotherapy & Beyond
As the huge therapeutic potential of mRNA therapies spans across various modalities, consider the efficacy and viability of mRNA gene therapy to successfully treat disease with expert insight from Intellia TherapeuticsEthris GmbH 

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Commercialization, Translation & Future Direction for mRNA Therapies
From successes with vaccines for infectious disease through to personalized cancer vaccines, discuss and debate the potential future roadmap for mRNA therapies and the potential for successful applications into 2021, with insights from BioNTech & Translate Bio

Snapshot of Our World-Class Speaker Faculty:

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