L. James Lee

L. James Lee

Company: The Ohio State University

Job title: Emeritus Helen C. Kurtz Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering


Seminar: Cell NanoPoration (CNP) for Production of Exosomes Aplenty Containing Endogenous Therapeutic mRNA

  • CNP is a novel and facial technology to transfect parental cells (e.g. hMSCs) with DNA plasmids for production of exosomes aplenty containing high copies of endogenous mRNA of interest, not achievable by existing cell transfection methods
  • Multiple plasmid DNAs can be delivered to parental cells to produce targeted therapeutic exosomes
  • Exosome-based mRNA delivery overcomes physiological barriers such as BBB and can provide much better cellular uptake and tissue penetration performance than synthetic nanocarriers such as LNPs

Day: Day Two

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